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CORE Fusion

15-06-2013 12:56
CORE Fusion expected to be available again in August, board stand for free in the next CARVED order in June, all DELUXE boards back in stock. The email is not displayed correctly? View in...


11-01-2012 16:28
Kites CORE no Brasil Os kites CORE são conhecidos por usar apenas os materiais da mais alta qualidade. Somente materiais especificamente selecionados são utilizados, como o tecido resistente a raios ultra-violeta. O uso de materiais de alta qualidade combinados com um método único de fabricação:...

Kite Salvador/Bahia/Brasil - Core Riot XR2 Crossride

Jul 16, 2012

Author: Shane Thompson

Core Riot XR2 Crossride
Sizes tested: 9 m
Sizes available: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.5, 15 LW, 17 LW, 19 LW m
Design style: 4-line, 5-strut Delta hybrid

The Core Riot XR2 is the newly refined second generation of the company’s Crossride kite. The Riot features a delta hybrid shape that offers solid performance for the high spirited freeride rider who wants a kite to dial in some boosty airs with lots of smooth flying control and plenty of useable power and range. Test Team riders were impressed with the solid, flutter-free canopy and light touch steering of the Riot. It has a good amount of low-end power with its flat central canopy, which can also bring you some of the loftiest hang time available. A smooth pulling kite and with easy upwind drive, the Riot is responsive in its turn initiation and has consistent pull through the pivotal style loops. The Riot XR2 entices any general freerider who wants to boost lofty jumps and dabble in the waves. It soars good distances and responds quickly from overhead to allow soft landings from lofty jumps. With some trimming of the front lines, the Riot can also unhook and throw down some basic wakestyle moves, as well. The less compact but effective bridles can also be tuned for desired bar pressure and feedback. Advanced freestylers will look to Core’s GTS model for more balanced unhooked pull and pop, but the Riot has plenty of pop for unhooking newbies. The bar feel on the Riot is very narrow, aggressive and so lightweight it almost disappears in your hands. Good depower and easy reluanch will allow intermediate riders to progress quickly, and the Riot won’t disappoint or hold you back from any level of riding or discipline.

- Twisting loop release
The Core Sensor 4-line control bar is feather light and features a unique twisting release system that works smoothly and is safe to engage but takes time to adjust to over the more standardized push-away systems.

+ What the SBC Kiteboard Test Team liked
“I enjoyed  this kite for some huge soaring hang time. It responds well to commands, pulls smoothly through the loop, and is fairly comfortable unhooked with some good trim in place.”

Cool Tech Features
-   Single point, Speed Valve inflation
-   Intelligent ARC
-   Sensor bar


Kite Salvador/Bahia/Brasil - 2012 Star Kites Taina Review

Apr 11, 2012

Author: SBC Kiteboard

“Powerful and not twitchy, it hits the mark for the target group. It can jump big without being scary.”

Size tested: 9 m
Sizes available: 5.5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14 m
Safety system type: Mini fifth-line

The Taina is the new Star Kites models that has replaced the popular SBow. Moving from more bow flatness into the next generation delta hybrid technology, the Taina is crisp, with direct flying character in a lightweight, three-strut frame. With easily accessed performance for the still-developing rider, the Taina also had plenty of progressive de-power and tight pivotal turning. It boosted with instant ease and gratification without breaching out-of-control heights or hang time. The steering was more direct and tight-turning than the SBow, and the stability and downwind drift gave it some formidable wave character, especially for more onshore wind conditions. Water relaunch was quick and efficient, as the swept leading edge and bridles offered no-drag pivoting. For park and pop riding, the Taina performed on par with some of the top third generation delta hybrids. With some trimming, decent pop was generated from the nine-metre, and the kite would suffice for entry-level new-school riding. The Taina is the right step in the evolution of the Star Kites line, and will enhance the learning curve and carry good levels of performance into more advanced levels of freeriding and waves.

Control while de-powered
Some testers felt the kite lost some refinement in steering control when the kite bar was sheeted-out in powered-up conditions.

“Powerful and not twitchy, it hits the mark for the target group. It can jump big without being scary.”
“Proper all-arounder for progressive to intermediate riders, with surprising boost for the more advanced.”
“Smooth and controllable ride in gusty conditions; de-power straps are quickly accessible without a big arm reach.”

Tech Features
-Simple bridle setup
-Delta hybrid technology


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O que é o "Kitesurf"?

15-11-2011 11:34

O kitesurf é uma mistura de windsurf com esqui, wakeboard, surf, vôo livre... Você desliza sobre a água em uma pranchinha, puxado pelo kite, que atua como uma asa impulsionado pelo vento.

Surfistas vão adorar fazer kitesurf nos dias sem ondas. Windsurfistas terão uma opção mais leve e divertida para dias de vento fraco. Os wakeboarders passam a ter uma alternativa quando o vento entra ou a lancha quebra. A galera do vôo livre então...logo se amarra nesse esporte, que não polui nem agride a natureza.



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